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The cymbal crashes...the bass thunders...the keys rain in...the guitar wails out...the spotlight is fired up...     

...and Amber bursts onto the stage!

For the next couple of hours you are treated to a rare breed of performer whose powerful vocal range along with her non-stop energy and brilliant costume changes will have you  cheering and dancing along to the beat.

Well regarded in the music world, Amber has shared the stage with many nationally known artists.

Amber is recognized for her paramount tributes to some of the greatest female singers of all time. She celebrates Janis Joplin, Pat Benatar and Madonna in 3 separate shows; Joplin's Pearl, Benatar and Material Girl. Each show is a testament of praise to each artist with a reverent performance complete with costume changes and the addition of a horn section and percussion, along with her AMAZING BAND, making these shows a one-of-a-kind event.

​With two songs on the Billboard Music Charts and her own record label, O.M.O. Records Inc., Amber's original music is available on iTunes, CDBaby and other music outlets. 

Classically trained, Amber has a strong vocal range which grants her the ability to own it in her unique and dynamic style.


From hard-driving rock and roll hits to soulful r & b classics and anything in between, she grabs hold of the song and delivers an outstanding performance. The diverse styles of her originals pay homage to her inclusive love of music.

Each one of Amber's performances are a testimony to her passion, brilliance and enthusiasm to her craft and to her audience.

"The Long Island native's live performance is unlike any other as her energy transcends from the stage to the audiences' soul." 
Robert Sforza, Dan's Papers

"Combine the legendary women of rock and roll into a single performer, and exploding across the stage will be Amber Ferrari." 
Bob Chartuk, The South Shore Press

"Amber Ferrari's shows are more reminiscent of a Broadway musical than a [local] concert!" 
Rita J. Egan, The Times Beacon Record Newspapers